The Akiles Roll@Blade rotary paper trimmer series offers precise trimming at a budget-friendly price, making it a popular choice among schools, offices, and production environments alike. With its self-sharpening tungsten blade and twin sliding poles, it will provide years of trouble-free use with little-to-no maintenance. Below we take a closer look at the features of the Akiles Roll@Blade series and share step-by-step instructions for using each of the models.

The Basics

The Akiles Roll@Blade is available in three lengths – 18″36″, and 64″ (which comes mounted on a rolling work table with a built-in waste receptacle). All three models feature the same high-quality, self-sharpening tungsten blade, which helps to ensure a clean, precise cut every time. To utilize the self-sharpening feature, simply slide the blade carriage back and forth along the twin sliding poles without any media in the cutter. The Roll@Blade is capable of cutting practically any material up to 2mm in thickness, including paper, cardboard, plastic, vinyl, aluminum foil, PVC, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, leather, and more. In order to accurately cut all types of materials and document sizes, the Roll@Blade features a ruler guide and adjustable depth margin, a convenient, gridded work table, and a clamping bar that prevents shifting during trimming.

To keep the cutting action smooth and silent, you may need to lightly lubricate the twin sliding poles from time to time. It is also recommended that you keep the blade clean and free from dust and other residue.


  1. Place your Roll@Blade on a flat, sturdy work surface. Note: Always carry your Roll@Blade by the work table. Never use the twin sliding poles to move your cutter, as it may cause damage to it.
  2. Position the blade carriage at either end of the twin sliding poles. The Roll@Blade’s rotary design allows it to cut in both directions.
  3. Adjust the depth margin based on the size of the item that is being trimmed. To move the depth margin guide, slightly loosen the screw that holds it in place and slide it to the desired location. Once the guide has been positioned, tighten the screw to secure it.
  4. Insert the material that is being trimmed beneath the clamping bar (located at the front of the trimmer) and align it to both the ruler guide and depth guide.
  5. Use one hand to hold your item(s) in place and use the other hand to slide the blade carriage from one end of the trimmer to the other. Moving the blade carriage through your entire item in a single movement will help to ensure a smooth, accurate cut. Never place your fingers on or near the clamping bar while trimming.
  6. Remove your item(s) and repeat steps 3-5 as necessary to cut to the desired size.

In Review

The Akiles Roll@Blade series features quality trimmers that are both easy-to-use and powerful. Unlike light-duty rotary trimmers which have a small capacity and are limited to trimming paper, the Roll@Blade provides precise, accurate results on a wide variety of materials up to 2mm thick (including up to 15 sheets of 20 lb. paper per cut). Because it is offered in 18″36″, and 64″ lengths, the Roll@Blade is well-suited for projects of all sizes, from small photographs to large-scale display materials. Since it requires only minimal maintenance, the Roll@Blade is an excellent choice for communal use in a school or office setting. If you have a need for a precise paper cutter that is both user-friendly and safe, the Akiles Roll@Blade is well worth the investment.

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