How Do I Replace Pages in a Coverbind Book?

Thermally-bound books created with a Coverbind binding machine are secure, professional, and durable, but they can also be easily edited if necessary. Below is a step-by-step guide for removing or replacing pages in a Coverbind book:

  1. Begin by folding the corner of the page that you want to remove or replace. This will help you to easily identify the page when it is time to pull it out of the book.
  2. Place the book into the binding channel of your Coverbind machine with the spine side down. 
  3. Run the book through a binding cycle. This will re-melt the adhesive and allow you to edit the pages.
  4. As soon as the binding cycle is completed, lift the book out of the binding channel and remove the folded page by sliding it out from the bottom edge.
  5. If desired, insert a replacement page into the book, tapping the edges to align it to the rest of the pages. Run the book through another binding cycle to ensure that the pages are in contact with the adhesive.
  6. Move the finished book to the cooling rack, allowing it to cool for a minimum of two minutes before opening it. Your edited book is now ready to use.

How Do I Bind Books with the Coverbind 101 DFS Binding Machine?

The Coverbind 101 DFS binding machine is a semi-automatic thermal binder that creates professional-looking books in a matter of seconds – without the need for any manual input from the operator. Instead of requiring manual gluing or punching, the Coverbind 101 DFS uses adhesive-lined thermal binding covers for a neat and efficient binding experience that is well-suited for office environments. This productive binding machine can bind up to 30 books per minute and has a maximum capacity of 1/2″ per book (approximately 120 sheets).

Below is a step-by-step guide to binding books with the Coverbind 101 DFS binding machine:

  1. Place the inner pages of your book into the automatic cover size selector located on the top left of the machine. The selector will measure the thickness of your book and display the recommended spine width on the screen.
  2. Insert your pages into a thermal binding cover of the indicated size, tapping it against the table to jog the pages and align them with the spine.
  3. Once the green indicator light turns on, the machine is ready to bind. Insert the books into the binding channel with the spine side down. The machine will automatically begin the binding cycle and drop the books into the cooling rack as they are completed.
  4. After the books have been allowed to cool for at least two minutes, they can be removed from the cooling rack and used.

How Does the Coverbind 101 DFS Binding Machine Work?

The Coverbind 101 DFS thermal binding system is a user-friendly binder that is designed for maximum productivity. It is a semi-automatic thermal binder that is capable of binding up to 30 documents per minute, with a maximum per-book capacity of 120 sheets. Unlike most desktop thermal binding machines that require the operator to manually load books into the binding channel, the Coverbind 101 DFS allows users to insert a stack of books and binds them automatically – without the need to press a single button.

How Do I Bind Books with the Coverbind 5000 Binding Machine?

Designed for office use, the Coverbind 5000 thermal binding machine quickly creates durable books up to 500 pages in length (based on 20 lb. paper), without time-consuming punching or messy gluing. Using its 2.5″ binding channel, you can bind up to 15 books per binding cycle – making the Coverbind 5000 ideal for office use.

Below is are step-by-step instructions for binding with the Coverbind 5000:

  1. Use the built-in cover size selector located on the back of the machine (next to the cooling rack) to determine the appropriate spine size.
  2. Select the desired thermal binding cover and place the pages of the document inside. Tap the spine of the book onto a table to jog the sheets and align the edges of the pages with the edges of the cover.
  3. Set the book into the binding channel with the spine side down. The binding channel can accommodate up to 15 books at a time, depending upon the thickness of each book.
  4. Once all of the books have been placed into the binding channel, slide the clamp on the front of the machine toward the books until it stops.  This will automatically start the binding cycle.
  5. When the machine signals the end of the binding cycle, remove each of the books and tap the spine side against the table to help ensure that the pages make sufficent contact with the glue before it cools.
  6. Place each book into the cooling rack (spine side down) for a minimum of two minutes to allow the glue to harden. Once the spine is cool, the book is finished and ready to use.

How Does the Coverbind 5000 Binding Machine Work?

The Coverbind 5000 thermal binding machine is a desktop document binder that easily creates thermally-bound books up to 2″ wide and 14″ long. This model offers a maximum page capacity of 500 pages in a single book (based on 20 lb. paper), and the 2.5″ binding channel allows you to bind up to 15 smaller books at once. Since the Coverbind 5000 uses adhesive-lined thermal binding covers to secure the pages within the book, it provides a much faster and more efficient binding experience for small and large offices alike. Below is a video that shows the Coverbind 5000 in action:

How Do I Bind Books with the Coverbind Personal Binding Machine?

The Coverbind Personal Binding Machine is a compact, manually-operated thermal binding system that creates professional-looking books in just seconds. Using covers that have adhesive-lined spines, the Coverbind Personal Binder securely binds up to five books per cycle – ranging in thickness from 1/16″ to 1/2″ – with no punching or gluing necessary.

Below are step-by-step instructions for binding a book with the Coverbind Personal Binding Machine:

  1. Use the built-in cover size selector located on the upper right corner of the machine to measure the thickness of your book.
  2. Select a thermal binding cover that has the spine width indicated by the cover size selector and place the pages of your document inside. Jog the pages by tapping the spine of the book against the table to ensure proper alignment.
  3. Place the cover into the binding channel with the spine side down. Depending on the thickness of each book, you can place up to five books into the binder.
  4. Press the red button on the lower right corner of the machine to start the binding cycle. The red indicator light will be illuminated while the cycle is in progress and will turn off automatically when the cycle is completed (approximately 60 seconds).
  5. Remove each book from the binding channel and tap the spine against the table in order to ensure that the pages settle into the adhesive while it is still warm.
  6. Place the books into the cooling rack with the spine side down, leaving them to cool for at least two minutes before opening them. Once cool, the binding process is complete.

How Do I Set the Bind Time on the Fastback 15xs Binding Machine?

The Fastback 15xs thermal binding machine from Powis Parker is a feature-packed, easy-to-use binding system that is ideal for office use. In just seconds, the Fastback 15xs takes your reports and presentations and transforms them into professionally-bound softcover or hardcover books. Though this model is designed to require almost no manual adjustments to bind most documents, it does offer the ability to easily make precise changes to the binding process in order to ensure a quality bind on even specialty paper types. The Bind Time setting allows you to increase the length of the binding cycle by up to 15 seconds to accommodate hard-to-bind paper (or even decrease the binding cycle length by up to five seconds when necessary). Below are step-by-step instructions for setting the bind time on the Fastback 15xs binding machine:

  1. Press the “OPEN” and “EDIT” buttons simultaneously to enter the Special Functions Menu. You can access this menu with or without a document in the binder.
  2. Push the “EDIT” button to advance through the menu; push the “OPEN” button to cycle through the menu in reverse.
  3. Select the “BIND TIME” option, then press the “BIND” button to confirm.
  4. The default message of “+00 SECONDS” will display on the screen. You can now adjust the bind time in five-second increments. Add time by pressing the “EDIT” button; reduce the length of the binding cycle by pressing the “OPEN” button.
  5. Once you have finished adjusting the bind time as desired, press “BIND” to confirm.
  6. Place your document into the machine, then press the “BIND” button. When prompted, insert the indicated Super Strip size and the Fastback 15xs will bind your document in the specified amount of time. During the binding cycle, the screen will briefly display the revised bind time.

Note: Unless a certain weight or type of paper is found to be particularly difficult to bind, changing the length of the binding cycle is not recommended.