TruBind TB-S20AP Coil Binding Machine with Electric Coil Inserter & Foot Pedal Demo Video

The TruBind TB-S20AP Coil Binding Machine with Electric Coil Inserter and Foot Pedal offers manual punching and electric coil inserting functions at an affordable price. This video highlights some of the TB-S20AP’s special features – including oval holes, fully-disengaging dies, and foot pedal operation of the coil inserter – and also provides a helpful demonstration of how to use it to create your own coil-bound books.

TruLam TL-320B 12 in. Pouch Laminator Demo Video

The TruLam TL-320B 12″ Pouch Laminator is a compact, easy-to-use desktop laminator that is powerful enough for office use yet affordable enough to fit into almost any budget. This feature-packed laminator has a user-friendly digital display and electronic temperature controls, four silicone rollers, and a reverse switch to aid in jam clearing. The TL 320B is capable of laminating with pouches up to 10 mil in thickness, making it an ideal choice for all of your laminating projects. This versatile model has a durable metal housing and features a one-year warranty. The TL-320B is compatible with all major brands of laminating pouches, including GBC, Fellowes, Universal, Purple Cows, and Lamination Depot’s own high-quality laminating sheets.

How Does the Coverbind 5000 Binding Machine Work?

The Coverbind 5000 thermal binding machine is a desktop document binder that easily creates thermally-bound books up to 2″ wide and 14″ long. This model offers a maximum page capacity of 500 pages in a single book (based on 20 lb. paper), and the 2.5″ binding channel allows you to bind up to 15 smaller books at once. Since the Coverbind 5000 uses adhesive-lined thermal binding covers to secure the pages within the book, it provides a much faster and more efficient binding experience for small and large offices alike. Below is a video that shows the Coverbind 5000 in action:

How Does the FlexiPunch-E Modular Binding Punch Work?

The FlexiPunch-E is a modular binding machine that allows you to punch the four most popular binding patterns with a single machine, using easy-to-change punching dies. The video below showcases the benefits of this versatile binding system, and provides a step-by-step overview of the binding process.