How Do I Bind Books with the TB-W20A 3:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machine?

The TruBind TB-W20A Wire Binding Machine is an desktop wire binder that features disengageable dies and a built-in wire closer to create a full-function binding system at an affordable price. The TB-W20A binds books up to 9/16″ thick (approximately 120 pages based on 20 lb. paper), using standard 3:1 pitch binding wires.

Below is a step-by-step guide to binding books with the TB-W20A 3:1 pitch wire binding machine:

  1. Set the depth margin to accommodate the total thickness of your document. The TB-W20A has three depth margin settings – 2.5mm, 4.5mm, and 6.5mm – which can be adjusted using the sliding bar located on the left side of the machine. Generally, thicker books should be punched using a greater depth margin to make them more durable and secure.
  2. Adjust the side guide to correspond to the size of your paper. The side guide can be moved by loosening the thumb knob, sliding the guide into place, and re-tightening the knob to prevent the guide from moving.
  3. Place up to 20 sheets (based on 20 lb. paper) into the punch, aligning the pages to the back of the punching throat and the side guide to ensure consistent hole placement.
  4. Disengage dies as necessary to eliminate partially-punched holes along the ends of your document. A die can be disengaged individually by pulling the corresponding silver lever out until it stops. If you need to activate a die that you had previously disengaged, simply push the lever back into the machine until it stops.
  5. Pull the punching handle forward to punch the pages, then return it to its original position. Note: Ensure that the wire closer knob on the right side of the machine is set to “0” before punching the sheets.
  6. Continue punching your document in sets of up to 20 pages until all sheets have been punched.
  7. Set the appropriate 3:1 pitch binding wire onto the wire holder located on the back of the machine and place punched pages onto it. Note: In order to hide the seam of the wire within the book, place the back cover onto the wire first, then insert the front cover followed by the rest of the book. This will allow you to flip the back cover to the rear of the book after binding and conceal the seam.
  8. Adjust the wire closer knob on the right side of the machine to match the size of the wire that is being used.
  9. Lift the book and the wire off of the wire hanger, then place it into the wire closer with the open side facing down. Using uniform pressure, pull the handle forward to close the wire.
  10. Remove the book from the wire closer and turn the back cover to the rear of the book.