The TruBind TB-SD600 Electric Coil Binding Machine is a heavy-duty coil binder that pairs quality construction and user-friendly features with a budget-friendly price point. The TB-SD600 is the newest model in TruBind’s line of affordable coil binding equipment, all of which have an emphasis on easy operation and are built from durable components. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the TB-SD600 and evaluate all of its features.

The TruBind TB-SD600 was designed with high-volume users in mind and has the largest punching capacity of any machine in the series – 25 sheets per punch. The heavy-duty electric punching mechanism makes quick work of punching even thick books, creating clean, consistent holes with every punch. Because the punch can be engaged using either the included foot pedal or by pushing the button located toward the front of the machine, the operator can keep their hands free to grab stacks of paper and arrange punched sheets into books – increasing overall binding efficiency. The punch is 11.81″ long (46 oval holes positioned with .250 spacing) and has an open throat to accommodate larger page sizes in multiple punches. The TB-SD600 also features fully-disengaging dies, which allow the user to eliminate partially-punched holes by selectively disengaging the punching dies along the edges of the sheet. To disengage a die and prevent it from punching, simply pull the corresponding pin (located on the top of the machine) upward until it stops. The die can easily be reengaged by pushing the pin back into place when desired.

For even greater control over your bound documents, the TB-SD600 has an adjustable side guide as well as an adjustable depth margin. The side guide allows users to accurately set the placement of their paper within the punch, ensuring that the holes are positioned consistently throughout the entire book (even when it is punched in multiple stacks). The side guide is located on the left side of the clear punching guide and can be repositioned by loosening the screw that holds it in place and tightening it once the guide is in the desired position. The depth margin control allows the operator to set the distance of the holes from the edge of the paper – allowing the holes to be closer to the edge on thinner books or with a greater margin when binding thick documents. Adjusting the hole depth based on the size of the book not only looks more professional, but also creates a more durable finished book since thicker books will be less likely to tear along the bound edge when a larger margin is used. The TruBind TB-SD600 has three available punching depths – 2.5mm, 4.5mm, and 6.5mm – which can be set using the knob on the left side of the machine.

Another user-favorite feature of this model is the electric coil inserter that is located toward the front of the machine. To use the electric coil inserter, the user inserts a 4:1 pitch binding coil into the first few holes of a book by hand, then gently touches the coil against the spinning inserter. The coil should be positioned against rubber roller so that the tail of the coil is to the right and the holes of the book are to the left. Power to the electric coil inserter is controlled by an independent switch to the right of the inserter, allowing the operator to turn it off when it is not in use. The electric coil inserter greatly increases productivity by making the binding process much faster than inserting the coils by hand, and can be used with coils up to 7/8″ in diameter (larger coils can be inserted manually). To make the process of inserting coils even easier, the TB-SD600 utilizes an oval hole shape that creates a slightly taller hole that provides less resistance during insertion and makes the pages easier to turn after binding. Each machine also includes a pair of heavy-duty coil crimpers, which are used to trim away the excess coil and create a small bend that secures the pages in place. After the coil is fully inserted, the crimpers are used to finish the binding process.

The TB-SD600 has a durable metal housing and metal internal components. It has a moderate desktop footprint of 17″ W x 18″ D (with a height of 11-1/4″ including the clear guide) and weighs 63 lbs. This model features a one-year warranty that protects against manufacturing defects and covers both parts and labor.

In summary, the TruBind TB-SD600 is a well-constructed, solid piece of binding equipment that is built for frequent use in offices, schools, or copy centers. Though it has the same features and output capabilities of professional-grade machines, it has a price point that is hundreds of dollars less – making it an attractive alternative option for those looking to bind on a budget. The design and operation is simple and intuitive, which allows even novice users to bind with ease within minutes of set-up. While it may not offer interchangeable dies or automatic stacking like some of the more industrial machines that we offer, the TB-SD600 bridges the gap between manual binding machines and production-grade equipment designed for high-volume output. It’s an excellent entry-level machine for companies looking to bring their binding process in-house or for those looking to make the leap from manual to electric.

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