Our standard aluminum screw posts are great for binding manuscripts, oversized sheets, and swatch samples – but what about those heavy-duty projects like building a rocket? Lamination Depot’s new titan-strength screw posts offer the strength you need, without the unnecessary accuracy (and cost!) of high-precision screws.

With a package of Lamination Depot’s titan-strength screw posts, a few feet of aluminum tubing from your local hardware store, your favorite rocket fuel, and a little ingenuity, there are only a few hours between you and your dreams of space exploration.

Other possible applications include DIY earth-moving equipment, high-rise building construction, a homemade mech suit, and many more! Now that Lamination Depot offers screw posts in titan-strength, you’re only limited by your imagination – and the size of your launch pad!

*Please note: This post is intended as a joke. Our screw posts are designed for light-duty binding applications and not for construction projects of any type. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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