The Zebra ZXP Series 1 and Series 3 printers allow you to print images and information directly onto a plastic card. These cards can be used for identification, membership, employment, hospitality, etc. Choosing the appropriate card for intended use depends on a few factors.

How frequent will the card be used?

The selected thickness and material of a printable card depends greatly on how often the card will be used. If the card will be used a few times a month or few times a year, a thin PVC card 20 Mil or less than will be sufficient. If a card is being used multiple times a week, a standard PVC card 30 Mil or thicker is appropriate. A PVC composite card can withstand being used every day.

Does the card need to be encoded with information?

Select blank PVC cards come equipped with a magnetic stripe, which creates a “smart card.” It can be used to store student identification or account information, or hold a gift card balance.

Does the card need additional security?

If unauthorized card duplication is a concern, we offer colored PVC cards and white PVC cards with specialized hologram designs.

Ready to start printing your own ID cards? Select one of our Zebra card printer starter packages and whichever blank PVC card best matches your needs. If you’re unsure as to which model or material is best for you, please contact us – we’re happy to give you a personalized recommendation.

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