Selecting a binding machine with a foot pedal offers even more benefits to an already high quality piece of binding equipment.

  • Hands-free operation – When a foot pedal is used to operate the punch function of a binding machine versus pulling a handle for each punch, the machine user is able to isolate his or her hand movement solely to picking up sheets and removing them from the machine.
  • Increased productivity – Additional time spent manually punching sheets with a handle is saved by the quick tap of the foot pedal, ultimately saving money spent on manpower and increasing the volume per hour spent binding.

My manually operated binding machine comes with a foot pedal – what is it used for?

Select spiral coil binding machines that punch manually also come with a foot pedal, which is used to control an electric coil inserter roller. Pressing the foot pedal does not operate the machine dies for sheet punching; however, less time is spent on inserting coils because the user is only handling the binding materials instead of switching the machine on and off during the binding process.

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