Dry erase calendars are a dynamic and cost-effective tool for getting organized. The only downside to these versatile boards is the time that it takes to update the grid with the dates each month – a process which has led some users to stick with traditional paper calendars. However, the new 13868UA-1 Perpetual Dry Erase Calendar Board by Board Dudes changes everything. With an innovative design, this calendar features built-in month and date information that is controlled by two convenient knobs, eliminating the need to manually write dates onto the calendar. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at this popular new dry erase board model.

The Basics

The 13868UA-1 Perpetual Calendar Board measures 17″ x 23″ and has an attractive and durable aluminum frame. The calendar design features six rows with seven columns to accommodate all possible date configurations. It also includes a handy “Notes” section as well as a cork strip to help you stay organized. The month and date information is located behind a protective, dry erase surface, and is controlled by two knobs located on the right side of the board. To change the month, simply twist the upper knob until you reach the desired month. Turn the lower knob to update the dates, which are configured in a way that enables them to fill all possible month length and starting day combinations.

In Review

Dry erase calendars are a budget-friendly alternative to traditional wall or desk calendars, since they can be used and reused for many years. The new 13868UA-1 Perpetual Dry Erase Calendar Board by Board Dudes eliminates the need to manually write in the month and dates with a unique design that pre-fills the information by simply twisting two convenient knobs. If you’ve found yourself deterred from dry erase calendars in the past because of the tedious process of writing in the dates each month, then you’ll definitely want to take a second look at the 13868UA-1 Perpetual Dry Erase Calendar.

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