Attn: Regular Customers

We’ve just updated our roll laminating film item numbers – same high quality product, just a different, more consistent item number.

All previous item numbers are still searchable within our website; however, the same item will appear as a result with the new item number.

Here is a quick guide to understanding our new laminating film item numbers using our Standard 1.5 Mil Gloss Laminating Film 25 in. x 500 ft. x 1 in. Core as an example:

Old Part Number: 01-255-1X
New Part Number: S15G251

(S) – Single letter = which type of film it is (Standard, PRO, Digital/Low-Melt)
(15) – Two digits = film thickness
(G) – Single letter = film finish (Gloss, Satin, Matte, Ultra Matte)
(25) – Two digits = roll width in inches
(1) – Single digit = core diameter

Thank you for bearing with this change. If you still can’t find the laminating film that you usually purchase, please contact our Customer Service team by email, online chat, or phone. We’re happy to help you!

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