From conventions to classrooms, neck lanyards are one of the most convenient and popular ways to display wearable badges or identification cards. In addition to plain lanyards and custom lanyards, there are also many eye-catching pre-printed lanyards that are available. In this post, we learn more about printed lanyards and discover what benefits they can offer users.

The Basics

Lanyards are commonly made from nylon, polyester, or cotton and feature a variety of attachment options. Swivel hooks and badge clips are among the most popular attachment styles, since they can be used with pre-punched laminating pouches, badge holders, or ID cards to quickly and easily display event credentials. The breakaway attachment, which is a safety feature that allows a small clasp on the lanyard to temporarily open when the lanyard is tugged or pulled, is a common addition to lanyards (especially for use at events with children in attendence) since it reduces the risk of injury or strangulation for the wearer.

Printed lanyards come in a wide selection of styles, ranging from popular awareness lanyards to easy-to-read pre-printed messages. Awareness lanyards, which feature colored ribbon images, are available in a wide array of hues and are ideal for charity events such as fundraising walks or marathons. Patriotic lanyards have flag-inspired or camouflage coloring along with messages such as “Support Our Troops.” Patriotic lanyards are especially popular for holiday events, including Fourth of July, Veterans’ Day, and Memorial Day. The most versatile of all printed lanyard styles have bold, easy-to-read text to help distinguish the wearers at even the most crowded event. These solid-color lanyards are available with a number of pre-printed messages, such as “Volunteer,” “Event Staff,” “Visitor,” and “Contractor.” Because they do not have any logos or event-specific information, these lanyards are great for organizations that hold frequent conferences or events since they can be used again and again.

In Review

Custom-printed lanyards are an powerful tool for promoting brand awareness or sharing a promotional message with attendees of fundraisers, conventions, large-scale meetings, or other company-sponsored events, but not every organization has the budget to create personalized lanyards. Printed lanyards offer a cost-effective alternative to custom lanyards, featuring a wide selection of pre-printed graphics and text in various themes. In addition to being more affordable than customized lanyards, pre-printed lanyards do not require a turnaround time (which can be up to 3 weeks in the case of custom lanyards). Whether you’re holding a marathon or an industry convention, you’re sure to find a lanyard style that suits your needs among the wide variety of printed lanyards available on the market today.

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