From identification badges to menus to point-of-purchase displays, a pouch laminator can create a wide array of business materials for organizations of all sizes.  Finding the right pouch laminator for your business means striking the right balance between cost and features – especially in today’s economy.  In this post, we take a look at the TL-320B 12″ pouch laminator, which pairs professional-level features with a budget-friendly price. 

The Basics

The TL-320B pouch laminator is a thermal pouch laminator that is capable of laminating pouches ranging from 3 – 10 mils in thickness.  It has a 12.6″ maximum laminating width, which makes it an excellent choice for letter-, legal-, and menu-sized documents.  In addition to having two heated rollers, the LD-320B also has a set of two cold rollers (which help to dissipate heat after laminating to ensure that your document is flat).  The rollers themselves are coated with silicone, which prevents adhesive residue from sticking to them.  Silicone rollers also help to protect your pouches against scuffs and scratches (often left by heat shoe laminators).

To use the TL-320B laminator, begin by adjusting the digital temperature setting based on the thickness of your pouches.  Once the laminator has reached the proper temperature (approximately 3 – 4 minutes), simply insert the pouch containing your document so that it feeds between the rollers.  The LD-320B has a laminating speed of 25.6″ per minute, so it will laminate nearly three letter-sized documents every 60 seconds.  After your laminated document has exited through the back of the machine, allow it to lay flat to cool.  In the case of an accidental misfeed or jam, the LD-320B features a convenient reverse switch that changes the direction of the rollers so that you can remove your document.

Benefits of the LD-320B

While the LD-320B has a number of useful features, the most obvious benefit of this specific model is the price.  Though the LD-320B offers the same laminating speed, laminating width, and laminating thickness range as other office- and professional-quality models, this machine retails for less than half of the price of other comparable units.  It is built for durability – featuring a sleek metal casing and metal internal gears – which means that it can stand up to frequent use in an office environment.  Furthermore, the LD-320 includes a one-year warranty for added peace-of-mind.

In Review

Pouch laminators make versatile additions to practically every office.  They are compact, easy-to-use, and surprisingly affordable – especially in the case of the LD-320B.  This 12″ pouch laminator is capable of laminating full-size menus as well as small identification cards (and everything in-between) in thicknesses ranging from 3 – 10 mils.  It features two heated silicone rollers, two cold rollers (designed to help documents lay flat after lamination), metal casing and gears, a quick, 3 – 4 minute warm-up time, a reverse switch, and an easy-to-adjust digital temperature setting.  Despite being a professional-quality laminator, the TL-320B pouch laminator has a price tag that is less than half of the retail price of comparable models.  If you’re looking for a thermal pouch laminator that is durable, powerful, and affordable, then take a closer look at the LD-320B.

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