Where do you turn when the classic “Hello, My Name Is” label isn’t strong enough to withstand an event on its own, or when a name tag pinned to a person’s shirt or coat is likely to come off or get lost? An excellent solution is to attach a name badge to a lanyard!

Lanyards and ID Supplies from Lamination Depot

Lanyards can be as simple as plain, round, shoestring-style cords with swivel hook attachments or as elaborate as custom-printed ribbons with specialized clips. Lanyards are worn around an attendee’s neck, allowing the attached badge to hang freely without damaging garments.

For the badge itself, here are some options:

Thermal Laminating Pouches – If you’re planning to make hundreds of tags, thermal laminating pouches are not only the most affordable way to produce your name badges, but they are also the fastest. Laminating pouches are available with pre-punched slots or can be punched before or after lamination using a simple, stapler-style slot puncher. For added durability, you can also add a brass grommet using a hand-held eyelet punching tool.

Self-Laminating (Cold) Pouches – If you’re making a small number of name tags for an event, consider self-laminating pouches. These pouches are also referred to as “cold laminating pouches” because they do not require a thermal pouch laminator to activate. The interior of each pouch has one side coated in adhesive (protected by a release liner prior to use) and one side that is plain clear plastic. Self-laminating pouches can also be punched. We only recommend these pouches for small events because this type of badge takes longer to assemble than those made from thermal laminating pouches and have limited size and thickness varieties available.

Plastic Badge Holders – If tags need to be interchanged for an event, then plastic badge holders are an excellent option. Plastic badge holders come with one open end at the top, allowing paper tags, identification cards, or business cards to slide in and out freely.

Rigid Plastic Badge Holders – This type of badge holder is designed to provide added protection to an already laminated name badge. They can either hang vertically or horizontally and are available in multiple colors. Rigid plastic badge holders can be used multiple times, so they are ideal for use at monthly meetings or sporting events.

If you’re looking to make several name tags, backstage/VIP passes, or credentials for a large event and would like personalized recommendations, feel free to ask us – we’re always happy to help!

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