In late 2011, Lamination Depot embarked on project to upgrade our main distribution facility in Santa Ana, CA with state-of-the-art technology that would enable us to reduce our utility costs by over 50%. As a result of these efforts, we have achieved our goal and are proud to be one of the “GREENEST” distribution facilities in the United States.

We began by moving our entire computer infrastructure to the cloud. This enabled us to shut down numerous servers and also eliminate the need for a dedicated air conditioning unit for the server room.

Next we removed all of the fluorescent tube lighting from the warehouse and installed large skylights in the roof. The warehouse is now illuminated by 100% natural sunlight that comes through the skylights and exterior doors. Only on extremely cloudy days is it necessary to use the auxiliary backup lighting system which is comprised of only 7 high output compact fluorescent bulbs.

All office lighting was replaced using the latest LED technology controlled by occupancy sensors which turn the lights off in unoccupied areas of the facility. The LED lights produce a very pleasant light, consume less than 50% of the power of the fluorescent lights they replace, produce virtually no heat, contain no mercury and last up to 5 years.

The HVAC system was upgraded to utilize NEST thermostats which connect to the internet via WI-FI to monitor weather patterns and automatically determine the most efficient method of cooling and heating the facility.

Lastly, all computers in the office were replaced with high efficiency Apple Mac Mini computers that exceed the ENERGY STAR requirements by consuming only 85 watts of power.

We are very proud that we are doing our part to be more energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint.

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