Many offices have transitioned their document binding in-house, but finding a binding machine that offers the right combination of features in an office-friendly size can be tricky. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the iCoil-41 binding machine series, which pairs essential binding functions with an attractive and compact design.

The Basics

Coil binding utilizes a 4:1 pitch hole pattern (four holes per inch) in conjunction with plastic coils to create bound documents. Depending on the binding machine used, the punch is either operated manually or electrically, with most small office machines utilizing manual operation. Though the coils can be inserted by hand (by simply twisting the coil through the holes in the document), organizations that bind frequently generally prefer to use an electric coil inserter to speed up production time and increase efficiency. Electric coil inserters are built in to a number of coil binding machines, but can also be purchased as stand-alone units. In order to complete the bind, it is necessary to trim the excess coil and crimp the ends so that the coil will be secured within the document. This is most commonly done with a pair of hand-held cutting and crimping pliers, though some high-volume production environments use electric coil cutting and crimping units.

Benefits of the iCoil-41 Binding Machine Series

The iCoil-41 coil binding machine series from Akiles has two models – the iCoil-41 and the iCoil-41+. Both offer the same general features, including a 15-sheet manual punch capacity, a compact electric coil inserter, and a free pair of manual coil crimpers, but the plus model also has oval holes instead of round holes (for easier coil insertion) and a letter 4:1 pitch hole pattern instead of standard 4:1 pitch (which eliminates partially punched holes at the edges of the paper). The iCoil binding machines have a streamlined design, which includes a hinged cover that keeps the machine clean and protected when not in use. The electric coil inserter is operated with a convenient foot pedal, and is capable of inserting coils up to 7/8″ (coils up to 2″ can be inserted manually). As with all Akiles binding machines, the iCoil coil binders have a 1-year warranty and are built with the utmost care and precision.

In Review

To help cut costs and increase productivity, many businesses are bringing their document binding in-house. With coil binding being one of the most popular and cost-effective binding styles, coil binding machines are especially well-liked within the office environment. The Akiles iCoil binding machine series is packed with features usually found in more costly machines, including an electric coil inserter, but a much more attractive price point. If your organization has been considering an investment in a binding machine, then be sure to take a closer look at the iCoil binding machine series.

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