Designed to increase your coil binding producitivty, the Akiles Roll-@-Coil electric coil inserter is a stand-alone coil inserter that is both easy to use and affordable. The Roll-@-Coil has two 11″ rollers that insert binding coils up to 22mm (7/8″) into your books in a matter of seconds. In addition to providing superior coil insertion, this model also has a number of other handy features built in, such as a pitch identifier that compares the pitch of a punched document to that of a coil, a coil diameter selector that indicates the proper coil size based on the thickness of your book, and a coil diameter scale that allows you to measure the size of your coil.

Because it can be used as a seperate binding workstation, the Akiles Roll-@-Coil can dramatically increase productivity. Using the Roll-@-Coil electric coil inserter to bind your books is easy and takes only five simple steps:

  1. Place your pre-punched document into the U-shaped alignment channel with the punched edge facing up. This will align the holes in the pages of your document into a slight curve that will be easy to guide the coil through.
  2. Manually twist the coil through the first 4-5 holes on the right side of your document.
  3. Remove the book from the alignment channel and place the spine so that the coil lightly touches the roller.
  4. Press the foot pedal to activate the roller and begin advancing the coil through the holes.
  5. Once the tip of the coil exits the last hole of your document, immediately pull the coil away from the rollers and/or release the foot pedal. If you notice any holes or pages that have been missed during insertion, you can turn your book over and place it against the rollers to feed the coil in the opposite direction and then insert it again (beginning at step 3).
  6. To finish the bind, use a pair of manual coil crimping pliers. This will cut away any excess coil and crimp the ends to secure the pages within the bind.

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