The Fastback 20 thermal binding system from Powis Parker uses convenient, adhesive-lined binding strips to turn reports and presentations into attractive bound books. Using Fastback binding strips is very easy – simply insert a strip into the machine when indicated, and the machine does the rest. While binding with the Fastback Model 20 is nearly error-proof, you will likely experience a jam at one point or another. Below is a step-by-step guide to removing a jammed binding strip from your Fastback 20:

  1. Turn the power switch to the “Off” position and remove any books that are sitting on the Cooling Rack.
  2. Open the machine by inserting the eraser end of a pencil (or other similar object) through the hole in the lower right corner of the machine until the machine cover pops open slightly.
  3. Lift the cover until the latch engages and the cover remains in the upright position.
  4. Raise the heater platen assembly until it catches the magnetic stop. Locate the jammed strip at the bottom of the binder – it may be located in the feed slot or stuck to the heating platen itself.
  5. Use the included tongs to remove the strip.
  6. Remove any adhesive residue that remains on the platens. (See “How Do I Maintain My Fastback 20 Binding Machine?” for cleaning instructions.)
  7. Pull the heater platen assembly toward you to disengage it from the magnet, then gently place it into its original position.
  8. Close the machine by releasing the left rear lever and pressing down on both sides of the cover. Once the latch clicks and the cover locks in position, the machine is ready to use again.

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