The Akiles VersaMac modular binding machine features interchangeable punching dies which allow you to punch in a wide variety of popular punching styles without having to invest in independent binding machines. Below is a step-by-step guide to punching documents with the VersaMac binding machine:

  1. Before attempting to punch any document, ensure that the punching die has been fully inserted and that the die clamp is in the locked position.
  2. Turn the machine on using the power switch. Both LED indicator lights on the Manual Control Panel (“Die In” and “Power”) should light up.
  3. Align the Side Margin Control (located to the left of the machine) to the correct position based on the sheet size being punched as well as the punching die being used.
  4. Insert up to 55 sheets* into the punching throat, starting on the right side of the machine and sliding them to the left until they align with the Side Margin Control.
  5. Activate the punching mechanism by either stepping on the food pedal or by pressing the Manual Punch Switch that is located on the Manual Control Panel.
  6. Continue punching in sets until all of the pages of your document have been punched, then bind the sheets using the corresponding spine style. To avoid damage to the machine, be sure to empty the waste drawer frequently.

*The maximum single-punch capacity ranges from 35 to 55 sheets (based on 20 lb. paper), depending upon the punching die being used. Akiles recommends punching 25 sheets per punch in order to maximize the lifespan of the machine and the punching dies. When punching thicker stock, always reduce the number of sheets per punch to maintain performance.

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