The GBC Magnapunch 2.0 is a heavy-duty modular binding punch that offers the utmost in precision with a unique LCD interface that gives users complete control over the binding process. The intuitive display provides instantaneous feedback, including error alerts and instructions, to help improve productivity and reduce operator mistakes. While the machine is advanced in its design and function, it is not difficult to use – providing consistent, professional results on a variety of projects with minimal setup. With its high-capacity, interchangeable dies, the Magnapunch 2.0 binding punch can electrically punch up to 49,000 sheets per hour.

Below is a step-by-step guide to installing a die set on the GBC Magnapunch 2.0 modular binder:

  1. Lift the desired die set up to the Die Set Slot (located on the right side of the machine), placing your fingers into the die set’s handle to keep them clear of potential hazards.
  2. Align the leading edges of the Die Set Support Rails (located along the bottom side of the die) with the leading edges of the Guide Rails on the Die Set Slots.
  3. Push the die into the Die Set Slot, ensuring that all of the punch pins are properly seated before inserting it into the machine.
  4. When the die is fully inserted into the machine, you will hear a “click.” This indicates that the Automatic Locking Mechanism has been engaged. The Automatic Locking Mechanism keeps the die securely in place while the machine is in use. Note: If the die is not correctly inserted into the machine and the locking mechanism is not engaged, then the machine will not operate.

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