The Swingline GBC CombBind C800pro comb binder is a heavy-duty comb binding machine that offers electric punching capabilities on up to 25 sheets at a time. Because it creates easy-to-edit books using plastic binding combs, the C800pro is ideal for use in binding training documents, price lists, or other frequently-revised books. Unlike books bound with wires or coils, comb-bound books can be modified without the need for replacing the smile, making it both economical and ecologically-friendly.

Below is a step-by-step guide to editing a book bound with the Swingline GBC CombBind C800pro comb binder:

  1. Place the bound document onto the comb opener so that the metal prongs of the opener are between the tines of the book.  The metal prongs should be positioned so that they fall between the solid side of the spine and the edges of the punched pages.
  2. Gently pull the comb opener handle forward until the comb is adequately opened and the pages of your book are accessible.
  3. Remove, add, or replace pages as desired.
  4. Once your book has been edited, push the handle back to its starting position to close the comb and secure the pages within.
  5. Lift the book up and off of the comb opener.

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