The Akiles VersaMac modular binding machine is professional-quality binding machine that is both durable and user-friendly, featuring interchangeable punching dies in a wide variety of patterns. Below is a step-by-step overview of disengaging the punching pins on the VersaMac binding machine:

  1. Remove the die from the machine.
  2. Identify the pins that need to be disengaged using the Punch Ruler Guide. The Punch Ruler Guide provides a visual representation of the most common sheet sizes so that pins that would leave partially-punched holes can be easily identified.
  3. Remove the punch pin retainer cover by pulling it upward to unlock one side first, then continue lifting to remove the other side.
  4. Use your fingers to remove the desired pin(s) from the die set.
  5. Re-install the punch pin retainer cover onto the die set, making sure that both sides are securely locked in place.
  6. Insert the die into the machine to begin punching with your adjusted hole pattern.

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