The Fastback 15xs binding system from Powis Parker is an innovative and dynamic thermal binding machine that is designed for large office use. It uses Fastback Super Strips to create both softcover and hardcover books with ease – without the need for messy gluing or time-consuming punching. Below is a step-by-step guide to binding a book using the Fastback 15xs binding machine:

  1. Turn the power switch to the “ON” position. The power switch is located on the lower left corner of the front of the machine. Once the machine is on, it will take approximately nine minutes to warm up. When it has reached its operating temperature, the display will read “READY TO BIND.”
  2. The book clamps will automatically open to a narrow width. If your document is thicker than the opening, press the “OPEN” button to create a larger gap for your book.
  3. Jog the pages of your book by tapping the binding edge against a flat surface a few times. This will help to ensure that they are properly aligned before binding. Place your jogged document into the Fastback 15xs, sliding it so that it is flush against the right side of the opening. Tap the pages again to make sure that they are aligned.
  4. Press the green “BIND” button. This will engage the book clamps and close them around your document.
  5. The display screen will indicate the correct Super Strip width based on the thickness of your book. Select a Super Strip of the indicated width, ensuring that the length of the strip matches the length of the binding edge of your document. Note: If you notice that some or all of your sheets have become misaligned, press the “OPEN” button to unclamp your document and realign your pages as necessary. Once the pages have been straightened, press the “BIND” button to continue the binding process.
  6. Insert the Super Strip into the guide on the right side of the machine, with the adhesive side up. Note: It is very important to ensure that the binding strip is inserted with the adhesive side up. If it is inserted upside-down, the glue will melt onto the surfaces of the binder and your document will not be bound.
  7. The binding cycle will begin automatically once the strip is inserted. When the binding cycle has been completed, the clamps will automatically open to release the document and the display screen will read “REMOVE BOOK.”
  8. Remove your bound document from the binding channel and place it into the cooling rack with the spine side down for a few minutes. Allowing your book to cool properly before using it will give the adhesive an opportunity to set and results in a durable, long-lasting bind.

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