With its 15-sheet electric punching capacity, the Swingline GBC CombBind C110E comb binding machine is well-suited for use in offices and other medium-volume binding environments. This model easily adjusts to accommodate the most popular paper sizes – including letter and A4 – to ensure a professional finish on a wide range of documents. The built-in comb opener has added guides and indicator lines that help to streamline the binding process, reducing errors and improving operator efficiency.

Swingline GBC CombBind C110E Comb Binding Machine

Below are step-by-step instructions for binding books with the CombBind C110E comb binder:

  1. Ensure that the machine is plugged into the wall, then turn it on using the power switch that is located at the rear of the machine. When power is on, a green indicator light will be illuminated.
  2. Adjust the edge guide based on the paper size of the document that you will be binding. The CombBind C110E has three size settings – Letter (8-1/2″ x 11″), A4 (297mm x 210mm), and Oversized (222mm x 286mm).
  3. Set the complete unbound document against the comb support on the comb opener, positioning it toward the right side so that it aligns with the binding size scale. Push the comb opener handle toward the back of the machine until the hooks are in contact with the document.
  4. Use the comb size guide to determine which plastic binding comb to use to bind your document.
  5. Place the indicated binding comb into the comb opener, aligning it to the white positioning arrow. The comb should be inserted so that the solid edge of the spine is behind the metal comb support fingers and the open side is facing up. Note: If you are using a GBC ProComb, it should be inserted so that the colored arrow on the comb is aligned to the corresponding arrow on the machine.
  6. Open the binding comb by pulling the comb opener handle toward you. The colored arrows adjacent to the comb opener will provide an indication of when the comb has been adequately opened in order to insert the punched pages of your document.
  7. Insert up 15 sheets (based on 20 lb. paper) into the punching throat, aligning them against the back of the throat and the edge guide. To ensure that the pages are punched evenly, they should be jogged by tapping them against a flat surface prior to insertion. Note: If you are punching thick cover stock or clear PVC covers, you will need to reduce the number of sheets per punch to avoid jamming the machine.
  8. Press the punch button to engage the motor and punch through your sheets. Note: If the punch jams, the red jam light will illuminate and the machine will automatically reverse in an attempt to clear the jam. Remove the paper from the punching throat and push the punch button to reset the machine. When the machine is successfully reset, the red jam light will turn off to indicate that the machine is ready to use. Reduce the number of pages and try punching again.
  9. Insert the punched pages onto the comb, with the front cover facing down. Continue punching your book in sets of up to 15 pages and placing them onto the open comb until it is fully assembled.
  10. Close the comb by pushing the comb opener handle back to its starting position.
  11. Lift the book straight upward to remove it from the comb opener.
  12. When you are finished punching, be sure to turn off the motor using the power switch at the rear of the machine.

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