Take the mess out of your next mounting project by trading in your traditional adhesives for GlueGliders! Whether you’re bonding foams, fabrics or fibers to any substrate, GlueGliders MAX adhesive applicators make it possible. Their pressure-sensitive adhesives form an instant bond, leaving no mess, residue or odor. They provide a quick and easy solution for a variety of packaging, printing, manufacturing, and assembly applications.

GlueGliders MAX Adhesive Gun

The Basics

GlueGliders MAX Guns are handheld adhesive applicators that apply a layer of glue from a specialized cartridge to nearly any substrate. The cartridges come in two styles – Adhesive Squares and PermaTac – in a variety of adhesion strengths and sizes. To apply the adhesive onto a substrate, simply press the tip against the surface and pull the gun toward you. The versatile adhesives stick to corrugated surfaces, wood, metal, plastic, porous surfaces, foams, fabric, and more.


Adhesive Squares cartridges contain 1/2” x 1/2” squares of glue, available in Medium Tac, High Tac, and Super-High Tac (all of which are low profile 12 mil adhesive). By the nature of their square shape, Adhesive Squares provide exact application standards every time, so you have one less variable to worry about during your gluing process. PermaTac cartridges are continuous rolls of adhesive available in 1/2” and 1” widths, in both Medium Tac and High Tac adhesion strengths (all of which are low profile 12 mil adhesive). Because the PermaTac cartridges apply a steady line of adhesive, they are ideal for large projects, such as mounting posters.

Adhesive Squares are also available in bulk rolls for use without a GlueGlider MAX Gun. They are offered in two sizes – 1/2” x 1/2” and 3” x 3” – in low (12 mil), medium (25 mil), and high (40-50 mil) profiles at adhesion strengths ranging from Medium Tac to Super-High Tac. Since they are manually applied, the bulk rolls of Adhesive Squares are an excellent choice for projects like gift baskets and other packaging applications.


The major benefit of the GlueGlider MAX Gun is the ease of use. Unlike liquid adhesives, glue applied with the GlueGlider MAX Gun does not run or smear, meaning that there is less mess and no clean-up. In addition, the gun applies adhesive directly where you want it, making for a more accurate adhesion process. The adhesive used by this system is specially formulated, with no VOCs or solvents, eliminating both the risk of burns and environmental disposal concerns. The formulation has been approved by the FDA, and has been medically certified for direct skin contact.

In Review

With its no-fuss application and high quality adhesives, the GlueGlider MAX Gun is a great fit for the construction site or the craft room (and everywhere in between). The adhesive itself is top-notch, with a wide selection of adhesion strengths and profiles available on the market. The gun has been specifically designed to stand up to years of use with little to no adhesive build-up on the internal gears. The initial investment may be more than buying a container of your favorite adhesive, however the time that you save (both during application and clean-up) will likely make up for the additional expense.

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