Almost every business will need to bind documents at some point, but some will not need to bind often enough to warrant the purchase of a machine. Below are four methods of binding that don’t require the use of a binding machine:

  1. Spiral Coils & Pre-Punched Paper – Most binding methods utilize two separate processes – punching and inserting. When you use pre-punched binding paper, you eliminate the punching portion of the process. And unlike binding with plastic combs and twin-loop wires, spiral coils can be inserted by hand (though manual insertion is considerably more time-consuming than using a machine). A pair of inexpensive coil crimpers are then used to cut off the excess coil and crimp the ends to prevent the document from uncoiling.
  2. Screw Posts – Screw posts are an excellent solution for binding projects of all types, ranging from manuscripts and proposals to pricelists and catalogs. To bind with a screw post, use a standard hole punch to create a single hole or multiple holes in the desired location(s) on your document, insert the post into the hole, and twist the screw until tight.
  3. Looseleaf Rings – Like screw posts, looseleaf rings only require the use of a standard hole punch. Simply punch a hole in the upper corner of your document, open the loosleaf ring, insert it into the hole in your document, and squeeze it to close.
  4. Slide Bar Report Covers – Report covers with slide bars are easy to find at most office supply stores, and are even easier to use. A slide bar report cover is made up of two pieces – a one-piece cover with a crease along the spine and a plastic bar with a thin opening. To use this style of binding cover, place your document within the cover and slide the bar onto the spine to secure the sheets within the cover.

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