A growing number of businesses are looking for ways to be more ecologically aware, which includes seeking out more “green” binding supplies and methods. Below is a list of four Earth-friendly binding solutions for organizations of any size:

  1. Paper Binding Covers – Available in a wide variety of vibrant colors and attractive finishes, paper binding covers are an Earth-friendly alternative to traditional poly binding covers. They’re made using up to 20% recycled materials and up to 30% post-consumer waste, plus they are completely recyclable.
  2. Aluminum Screw Posts – Aluminum screw posts (also called Chicago screws or binding posts) are a reusable binding solution that allows you to easily make revisions to any swatch book or other document. They are made from 100% aluminum, so they can be recycled, but their reusable nature gives them a long functional lifespan.
  3. PaperLock PaperCombs – The PaperLock binding system is designed to work in conjunction with your traditional comb binding machine, and provides an eco-friendly alternative to plastic binding combs. PaperLock PaperCombs are made of paper, so they can be recycled with ease.
  4. Fastback Binding Strips – Fastback binding strips by Powis Parker are innovative thermal binding spines that offer a number of “green” features. The strips are paper-based and contain up to 50% recycled material, including up to 25% post-consumer waste. Their adhesive compounds are specially designed to be environmentally neutral, meaning that they won’t pollute landfills or water tables.

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