Screw posts (also called Chicago screws or binding posts) are an inexpensive, easy-to-use binding method that will allow you to bind a wide variety of materials with no additional tools needed.  Here are five ways that you can use screw posts to help grow your business:

  1. Create a Swatch Book – Whether you’re in the quick-printing industry or you work primarily with fabric, creating a swatch book using Chicago Screws will help you display the options that your business offers to your customers with ease. Since screw posts are a non-permanent binding solution, you can make on-the-spot revisions to ensure that your swatch book is always current.
  2. Make a Photo Collection – Many companies, especially within the interior design or landscaping sectors, have photographs showcasing their best work. Bind them together with a screw post, and keep a few sets in your office and your briefcase so that you can share examples of your organizations talents with prospective clients.
  3. Organize Odd-Sized Documents – If you work with blueprints or architectural diagrams, then you’ve probably had a difficult time finding a binding method that will accommodate your documents. Binding posts are a great way to bind documents of any size or to bind multiple document sizes together, since they don’t have the size limitations of traditional binding methods.
  4. Enhance Your Menu – Many restaurants use screw posts to secure their menus, specials, or wine lists within customized screw post binders. This elegant presentation protects and preserves your menus, and it also lends an extra level of sophistication to your offerings.
  5. Keep Client Info Organized – Keeping all of your contacts organized can be difficult, especially if you travel frequently or work in-the-field. Use a screw post to store the business cards of your top contacts in a convenient set, and keep it in your briefcase so that the information you need is always handy.

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