The Fastback Model 9 thermal binding machine from Powis Parker is a compact binder that is small enough to fit on your desk, yet powerful enough to bind documents in as little as 35 seconds using patented LX strips. Below are five helpful tips for binding with your Fastback 9 binding machine:

Powis Parker Fastback 9 Binding Machine
  • Before binding, jog your document by tapping the pages against a flat surface several times to ensure that they are even. The edge of the LX strip should align with the edge of your document when it is placed into the binding recess.
  • For best results, the grain of the paper should run parallel to the binding edge of the document. Note: If the grain runs parallel to the long side of the sheet, the paper is “grain long.” When the grain runs parallel to the short side of the paper, it is “grain short.” To determine the grain of a specific paper type, lightly hold a sheet between your fingertips along the short edges and allow it to bow. Then, hold the sheet along the long edges and allow it to bow. If it flexes more easily along the long edge (while being held along the sort edges), then your paper is grain long. Most copy paper is long grain, but it is highly recommended the you test your paper before doing any large production runs.
  • Coated papers, and papers with heavy ink or toner coverage may experience problems during binding. If you have documents with heavy ink or toner coverage, always do a test bind first to ensure that your documents will bind properly.
  • After the binding cycle, be sure to place your document entirely upright, with the bound side down, against one of the two rear book support fences for at least five minutes. If your document is not allowed to cool properly, the spine may become crooked. The strength of the adhesive increases over time, with the maximum adhesion strength occuring 24 hours after binding. Note: When placing multiple documents in the front cooling compartment, do not allow it to become overloaded. The front document should not hang off of the metal step.
  • Minor glue build-up on the heaters is part of normal use. To clean the heaters, begin by turning off the machine and unplugging it. Allow the heaters to cool, and then wipe off any glue using a dry, lint-free cloth. Cleaning solution is not necessary.

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