If you’re looking to replace a broken roll laminator in a hurry and it is either no longer under manufacturer warranty or repair costs are too steep, here are some starting points before beginning your research and making a purchase:

“How frequently am I laminating?” Budget weighs heavily on decision-making, but it is also important to evaluate the return on investment: a roll laminating machine‘s price may initially be attractive, but not after it is replaced yet again in a short period of time due to heavy usage or high-volume workload. If your needs exceed your existing laminator’s capabilities, you might need to consider an upgrade – in some cases, maybe even a commercial-grade laminating machine.

“What kind of film am I used to purchasing?” If you have a large supply of previously-purchased roll laminating film and want to use it with your replacement machine, gather the film’s specifications to ensure future compatibility. In summary, you need film thickness, width, and core size of your existing film. Some machines can only laminate up to 3 mil, whereas others can handle 5 or 10 mil. Though the most popular widths for a school or office roll laminator are either 25″ or 27″ and most machines in this category have a 1″ core, there are exceptions. If you’re not sure what your machine’s specifications are, try referring to the manual; otherwise, we can absolutely help you!

For an even quicker shortcut, ask us within the comment section which machine is a suitable replacement for you, and we can provide you with a specific recommendation.

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