Standard thermal laminating pouches are great for laminating documents printed on regular paper, but what about heat-sensitive prints or media that is difficult to adhere to? In those cases, low-melt laminating pouches are an excellent solution. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at DIGIKote laminating pouches, which are specifically designed to eliminate the headaches caused by hard-to-laminate documents.

The Basics

DIGIKote laminating pouches are made from the same DIGIKote film that is sold in rolls for wide format laminators. DIGIKote laminating films have a low laminating temperature (approximately 185 degrees – compared to up to 290 degrees for some standard films), which helps to preserve the inks in digitally-printed graphics which degrade when exposed to high heat. They also feature an aggressive adhesive formula designed to stick to a wide range of media. For added protection against fading, DIGIKote films feature patented LIGHTFast technology, which uses UV inhibitors to absorb damaging light wavelengths. As a result, digital prints laminated with DIGIKote laminating film will remain colorful and bold for up to five times longer than uncoated images.

Using a DIGIKote laminating pouch is similar to using a standard thermal laminating pouch, although the temperature setting is lower. Preheat your laminator to the proper temperature, insert your document into the pouch, and feed it through the machine (using a carrier sheet if required by your laminator).

In Review

Laminating is an excellent way to preserve and protect important documents, but not every document can be exposed to the high level of heat required by standard laminating film. Futhermore, some media are difficult for laminating film to adhere to. For these projects, DIGIKote laminating pouches provide an ideal solution – they’re easy to use and highly effective. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling frustrated with the level of adhesion or the digital ink deterioration while using standard laminating pouches, then you’ll definitely want to look into laminating with DIGIKote film.

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