The DFG Office ECoil46 coil binding machine is a compact binder that is capable of creating coil-bound books up to 20mm thick (approximately 172 pages of 20 lb. paper) using a manual punching mechanism and an electric inserter. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features offered by the Office ECoil46 and provide some insight on the applications for which it is suitable.


The Office ECoil46 from Digital Finishing Group (DFG) is a 4:1 pitch coil binder (four holes per inch) that has a manual punching mechanism with a 15-sheet punching capacity. It has a 11″ maximum punching length, but features an open throat with an alignment pin to accommodate larger document sizes (up to 21″ in length). With 46 fully-disengageable pins, the Office ECoil46 eliminates partially-punched holes on any document size, including specialty papers.

For added precision, the DFG ECoil46 has a built-in side margin guide that helps to ensure perfectly-centered holes on every document, regardless of length. It also has an adjustable depth margin for increased durability and a polished finish on both thick and thin books, because it allows you to set the amount of space between the holes and the edge of the sheet.


The DFG Office ECoil46 has 6″ electric coil inserter built into the top of the machine, which dramatically increases binding productivity. The inserter itself is a rubber roller that is activated by a foot pedal and advances the coil through the holes in the document as it spins. To use the coil inserter, begin by threading the coil through the first few holes of your document by hand. Use the foot pedal to engage the inserter motor and place the coil spine against the roller so that it spins the coil and feeds it through the holes in your book. To finish the bind, use a pair of coil crimping pliers to trim the excess from the ends of the book and add a crimp to secure the pages in place. The electric coil inserter is capable of inserting 4:1 pitch coils up to 20mm (3/4″) in diameter (larger coils can be inserted manually).

Coil-bound books offer a number of unique features as compared to other traditional binding styles, such as the ability to turn pages 360 degrees. Documents bound with coils also lay flat when opened, which makes coils a preferred binding method for coursebooks, presentations, and reports since they allow for easy note-taking.

In Review

Coil binding is one of the most popular binding methods for businesses and organizations of all types, because it offers variety and durability at an affordable price point. For those looking for a cost-effective binding machine for light-duty binding, the DFG Office ECoil46 is a great choice. The manual punching feature helps to keep the machine’s cost low, while the electric coil inserter helps to increase binding productivity. The ECoil46 has fully-disengageable pins and an open punching throat, so it can accommodate virtually any paper size with ease. Although it won’t stand up to high-volume usage in a production environment, the DFG Office ECoil46 would make an excellent addition to any home, small office, or school with low-volumen coil binding needs.

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