Paper trimmers cut clean, straight edges in multiple sheets of paper at once, saving you time while finishing your project.

What kind of paper trimmer should I purchase?

Three of the most popular paper trimmer styles are rotary, guillotine, and stack cutters:

  • Rotary paper trimmers have a sliding blade that moves on a track to cut, making it the best choice for cutting a single laminated sheet or binding cover.
  • Guillotine trimmers have a blade that is raised then lowered to cut. If you’re cutting multiple thin sheets of printed material, a guillotine trimmer is a great option.
  • Stack cutters, which are actually a sub-type of guillotine trimmer, have a large, extremely sharp blade that will cut large stacks of paper all at once. Stack cutters are best used in a high volume environment, particularly if you are cutting hundreds of identical sheets at the same time.

Models across all styles are often equipped with grid markings on their tabletop for precise measurement.

I want to create a crease in my laminated project in order to fold it – can a paper trimmer help me with that?

Paper trimmers will slice excess material from your project. If you try to use it to create a crease or perforation in a single sheet, you’ll end up with two pieces! Creasers are designed to create an indent in your sheet to make folding neater and easier, preventing unsightly wrinkles.

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