Custom branded promotional products are an excellent way to enhance brand identity or share your promotional message with potential customers. Lanyards are among the most versatile of these custom products, since they can be used to hold everything from identification cards and trade show credentials to keys and backstage passes. In this post, we’ll explore the world of custom lanyards, and provide an overview of our new Design-A-Lanyard tool.

Custom Lanyards

The Basics

Lanyards can be made from a variety of materials, but are most commonly made with polyester, polypropylene, or cotton. The length of a neck lanyard is measured by the total strap length measured end-to-end (generally between 35” and 38”), but the actual length when worn is approximately half of that measurement. Many styles include a breakaway clasp, which is a safety feature that separates when pressure is applied to eliminate the risk of accidental strangulation. There are also a number of specialized attachments that can be affixed to the end of the lanyard, ranging from basic lanyard hooks and standard swivel hooks to swivel bulldog clips and no-twist plastic hooks.


Because of their versatility, customized lanyards are popular with everyone from school sports teams to Fortune 500 companies. They can be used to hold badges for employees that work within secure buildings, display vendor information cards at trade shows, identify participants in a sporting event (such as a marathon), make event staff easy to recognize, display students’ school ID cards, organize groups during summer camps, or to help distinguish authorized hospital visitors at a glance.


Creating custom lanyards is easy, thanks to our newly launched Design-A-Lanyard tool. This user-friendly interface allows you to select your lanyard color and style, desired attachments, print color, and font (if applicable), and enables you to upload your logo or other artwork. The result is an instant, on-screen proof paired with accurate pricing, both of which adjust automatically as revisions are made. Custom lanyards are surprisingly affordable, starting at only $0.52 per piece, with a turnaround time of less than three weeks and a minimum order of only 100 pieces.

In Review

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep employee badges handy or a promotional give-away item for an upcoming trade show, custom lanyards are a useful promotional piece that your employees and customers will actually use. Lamination Depot’s Design-A-Lanyard tool makes the process of creating a custom lanyard easier than ever, with a user-friendly, interactive interface that reflects changes as they are made, creating an instant proof and detailed quote. Try our new Design-A-Lanyard tool today.

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