What is the difference between a gloss and matte pouch? Aren’t they both clear?

Both gloss and matte laminating film and laminating pouches are considered clear since the printed image being coated is shown completely; however, the finish can alter the image’s appearance.

A gloss finish gives a highly reflective, shiny look to an image – much like smooth glass.

A matte finish will absorb rather than reflect light, giving it a duller, almost frosted appearance.

Colored films such as a solid black or white are often used as the backside of an image since they are opaque.

Which is better: gloss or matte?

The advantage of each finish varies by application:

Gloss remains to be the most popular laminating film finish choice. It is most often used for handled items such as name bookmarks, badges, book covers, and restaurant menus.

Matte film used in these instances runs the risk of scuffs and scratches more quickly over time when compared to gloss. Matte laminating films and pouches are an excellent choice for signs and images shown under direct lighting. Gloss films used in these applications would cause the image to be obstructed by glare; however a matte finish diffuses glare and allows the coated image to be seen clearly from many angles and distances.

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