Our basic stapler-style slot puncher is a highly-versatile office tool. Its rubber-like base not only prevents the slot punch from moving along a desk or table top while in use, but it can also be easily opened or removed to empty waste. The slot punch comes with an adjustable metal guide that guarantees the same punch placement every time for larger projects. Since it’s so small and light, it is extremely portable, making it excellent for on-demand punching!

Use this handy tool for punching laminating pouches for ID badges, credentials, VIP/backstage passes and more! Once any one of these items have a punched slot, a lanyardbadge clip, or clear plastic loop can be attached to make it complete.

Both the slot punch‘s open punch throat and removable metal guide allow it to be used for quick, handheld applications. For example, you can punch slots in the center of the top edge of a gift bag, then tie it with a satin ribbon as an alternative to handles; or punch two slots on each side, then tie on your own handles for a unique, highly-customized look!

If you use this slot puncher another way, we’d love to hear your creative ideas, too! Please leave us a comment and share your ideas with us.

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