Not sure which roll laminating film to buy for your project or existing roll laminator? Learn some of the frequently used terms to better decide which roll laminating film is right for you!

1. Roll Width

Measure the distance (in inches) from one flat end of the roll to the other (the length of the cylinder).

2. Core Size

Measure the inner diameter of the cardboard or plastic core around which the film is wrapped, similar to that of wrapping paper or paper towels. This core slides onto the machine’s mandrel and keeps the film held in place during lamination.

3. Film Thickness

Since laminating film is so thin, it is measured in Mil, which is equivalent to only one one-thousandth of an inch. Common film thicknesses include 1.5 Mil, 1.7 Mil, 3 Mil, 5 Mil, 10 Mil.

4. Film Finish

The shine or dullness of laminating film is described as its finish. Gloss is the most popular. More specialized finishes such as Matte may also be available for certain varieties.

5. Footage Length

The long, continuous sheet of laminating film that is wound around the roll of laminating film is pulled from the roll during the lamination process. Use this measurement in combination with the roll width to determine the number of rolls you need for your project.

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